Ethereum Developer Resigns as Code Editor Citing Legal Concerns

One of Ethereum developer’s Yoichi Hirai has resigned as one of the platform’s code editors, citing concerns that a contentious proposal may be in violation of penal law.Named EIP 867, the proposal defines a method to facilitate the return of lost funds on the platform better.

GitHub, the developer wrote:

“Some EIP editors look nonchalant about legal consequences of this draft, but I have warned them, and I have no capacities to do anything more than to warn them. I, therefore, resign from the post of an EIP editor.”

In his comments yesterday, Hirai said that the EIP might be in violation of a Japanese law named the “Unauthorized Creation of Electromagnetic Records,” stating “I doubt that, if the proposal is followed in practice, the process might develop into a crime.”

This law in question deals with cases of computer-based fraud, in particular, the unlawful creation of data “with the intent to bring about the inappropriate administration of the matters of another person,” the legal document states.

Last week, Hirai tackled the proposal due to its incompetent to align with the “ethereum philosophy,” a condition based on the code acceptance process, as detailed in EIP-1. The developer has since retracted those statements, writing: “I was able to ignore my interpretation of ‘the ethereum philosophy’ but I cannot ignore the penal code.”

The proposal is led by developer Dan Philfer from Musiconomi, an ICO issuer that saw 16,475 ether lost in the Parity fund freeze last year.

Philfer’s proposal has sparked controversy among developers, with some urging the public to get involved with the debate. The scheme is also said to have accelerated efforts to improve the platform’s process for accepting code changes.

Before his resignation, Hirai was one of six core ethereum developers with the rights to accept software changes onto the platform.

According to data on GitHub, Hirai was prolific in this role, with 5,219 contributions in the last year – a figure that supersedes the sum of all other editor contributions combined.

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