Magical Bitcoin @$100,000 by Year 2020

Yes this is the truth. It may well happen and nothing to be surprised. Bitcoin is very expensive at the present time as per Dr. Julian. Bitcoin price is expected to go up soon, based on the demand it has. So one has to decide whether based on their needs, they should be investing in bitcoin or not.

What is the future of bitcoin?

Bitcoin future performances are analyzed by many experts. This is done based on the Stock-to-Flow Ratio, which is great way to determining the future value. Gold took 62 years to to reach Stock to Flow but silver will take lesser time. For bitcoin this could be 27 years. 

Gold went up a great deal due to demand since miners expected huge profits. Price is based on demand and supply ratio. Like gold bitcoin production cannot increase. Production of bitcoin is completely stable and ratio could go up only by the price. Crypto currency’s were at top in 2017,2013 and 2011. They were down in summer 2018. Currently the bitcoin rate is about 13-3 times higher then it SF model. Since supply of bitcoin has got reduced a great deal bitcoin could reach $100,000 soon. If you compare it with gold, bitcoin prices are much lesser.

Who will invest in bitcoin?

The investment in bitcoin is growing.People from countries with negative interest’s rates, economies which are having lots of troubles and investors will surely invest money in this. This will surely spike up the bitcoin price and the value can reach the sky sooner rather then later.

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