What are Payments without invoice? Is it real?

Can even anyone even think of getting a Bitcoin Lightning Network payment and not getting an invoice? Sounds Real does it? Yes it is. But this is something that is upcoming. Let us learn something more.

  • Lightning Network is a new creation in world of bitcoin and is building up. General trend is an invoice is always required for payments, which is not suited every time. Developers are looking for solutions to overcome this.
  • Developers are working on a new concept where you invoice and pay to yourself. This method is left with intended recipient; this is a completely considered as a forwarding fee which is overpaid. This circular method is working with Lightning node
  • So basically just to make it simple, there is a self generating invoice and there is no need for the payee to wait for it. They are just added for dropping off the fee.

What about the risk?

This is hack and there could be some serious implications and failure a is risk and fees are not clearly visible to the payee. Also for this to work, sender and receiver should have a connection and no security issues and money stealing. 

So Lightening is an idea which is not complete, it is imperfect but can do wonders if comes to life. This should be with security and stability. Lightening payments are very important for consumer market. Investment is pouring in but development is still on. 
Have you ever tired this? Let us know more.

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