What Will Happen If Bitcoin Win ‘Gauge War’ of Digital Payments?

Bitcoin is one most promising and potential technology that is often described as the future of digital payments. With BTC permission less blockchain, there are arguments about different things that can reduce the margin and power of the trusted intermediaries like banks. As digital age advances, so is your fear and hate towards monopoly, mainly one that is obnoxious in our alluring future.

No matter, it can be our illusion. It is not just the use cases that is limited, but more and more implementations on blockchain. These are the type of centralized shared BTC database, which is controlled only by the trusted intermediaries.

Is It Some Kind Of Revolution?

  • There might be the change in lingo and rhetoric, only for selected activities like managing supply chains and financial transactions
  • Reality is quite same to what happened before when bitcoin came in existence.
  • The arrival & disruptive potential Bitcoin represented vaguely and pushed various industries to explore an older version of the database technology.
  • But it can hardly be a revolution.

Can bitcoin make a meaningful impact to our society?

Before looking over it deeply, let us think and understand what reflected and existed before. Bitcoin definitely has proved a strong and meaningful way to make payments. But, it also has the value store, besides being highly volatile. Obviously, bitcoin has initiated many other cryptocurrencies in a range of being completely propositions to unappealing. Bitcoin has come a very long way.

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