Bitcoin could hit a huge $100,000 in Next Bull Run

Naeem Aslam the chief market analyst of ThinkMarkets has got a prediction to make, he says bitcoin has a bright future and can reach anything between $60,000 and $100,000 when the next bull runs start for it, this is as per an interview was given to Fox Business on June 24th.

• BTC expected to Reach $50,000
• BTC may end on $21,000 in Years 2019

Only time will tell whether this happens or not. If one remembers Aslam has also predicted a few weeks back that bitcoin will reach $10,000 and this happened on June 22 that was a record high which was not seen in the complete last year.

Aslam further adds that one needs to look at some very important price points of $20,000 to $50,000 and that will decide the motion. He says that once $20,000 is reached then there is no stopping back. The price can reach $50,000 and then maybe jump to $100,000.

He said BTC is nothing but digital gold. Also, there is a huge spike in the prices due to the U.S.–China trade war and not conclusive results are seen on the same and there is a lack of confidence in the market.

He also says the Middle East war could be another worry for people and are looking to diversify. BTC is a very good option for storing wealth. Cointelegraph earlier reported that in 2019 bitcoin will close at about 21,000. This is based on BTC price on 200 Day moving average.

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