Bitcoin Exchange Fighting VC Behemoth - Want to know more about this?

Changpeng Zhao has got new a serious claim filed against China for stopping funds raising from Binance. This has become a very big crypto exchange in the world. This is a very serious issue and lots of people are very worried about this.

There are many start-ups from the crypto world who were under serious threat and this was a very bad example set, they were worried. This had to be given a befitting reply and that was something very important. Bitcoinis the future of the financial world and lots of people are expected to make use of it.

This was due to venture capital firm accusing him of breaching exclusivity and that is why this issue is going on. Changpeng Zhao received an order in 2107 for arbitration in the year 2018.

Changpeng Zhao got the verdict in his favour and judge also order payment of 25 percent of legal costs. Also allowing him to see revision in compensation if he desired and this was a big victory for Changpeng Zhao. Binance CEO also told this caused him the loss of reputation and not good at all. There are lots of people bullying start-ups which are not a good sign for the industry. This could be a serious issue for blockchain start-ups funding and should be fought for. This was a very good thing that happened and helped the young people is fearlessly going ahead with their goals.

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