Bitcoin over $8000 Magical Figure as Oil Futures Suffer Humongous loses.

Most of the cryptocurrencies are seen going up with moderate gains. Bitcoin is again over the 8000 mark. It has shot up 5% in last few sessions. Based on the information by CoinMarketCap, bitcoin is set to go up.

Most of the people should have bitcoin on their portfolio. This not only adds to diversification but gives growth. Mark Yusko who is the Morgan Creek Capital CEO said that no one can miss bitcoin, and if that is done, then one will look at missing out on something very important.
  • Bitcoin is growing in price, it seems to move up even higher.
  • Ether is another very good option along with bitcoin.
  • Surge in the Oil prices have positive impact on crypto.
  • People are using crypto’s to make payments for their bills.
Ether is catching up due to lose in oil future; it has a cap of about $26.6 billion. Ether has gone up by about 6% and value is set to go up more due to oil prices surge.

AT&T has started accepting crypto for payments of phone bills online. This is considered as a big leap in the world of bitcoin. This is like a revolution in the bill payments system and other may follow.

At the present time US market is volatile, major futures are down and oil is building up losses due to various reasons, which does not see a solution in near future.

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