Block.One Starting with their new platform just for you the new buzz word

Cryptocurrency is growing a lot on social media. Block.One is a popular start-up which has come up with an EOS platform which is made after lots of thoughts. This is a firm which has lots of social media aspirations and is getting very popular. They are calling their platform voice. This is expected to catch up with young people and will do well in most cases.

  • This is a unique platform
  • This is going to add value to users.
  • Will grow by selling advertising.
They value our customers and they do not want to turn their customers in products or money making machines. This is the main goal of this platform which makes it different from others said CEO Brendan Blumer. They want to add value to users and grow the user base. We do not want to pocket the profit at all too soon. We want to make money from our advertisers and not from the users. Everything posted on this platform will be public and this will be a step which is exactly opposite of what Facebook intends to do in terms of privacy of the users and hence this is completely an opposite path to take.

The company has raised about $4 billion in funding and that is a big amount for a start-up and that should help it to grow and get to the next level.

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