Can NFL players be paid in Bitcoin? Are you serious?

NFL is loved by Americans and Russell Okung’s Bitcoin love is catching up with one and all. More players are looking for this way to get paid, that is in bitcoin and the trend that is catching up. ESPN also came with a headline about the same.

People really liked this and there was a surge of comments on social media about this. This was liked by many people all over USA.

  • Okung is in love with bitcoin and also does pro-Bitcoin tweets; he has done what you can call crypto-awakening. This is revolution which is catching up.
  • Getting salaries is easier then ever before now, with a very good service like Bitwage.
  • NFL teams and players thinking about bitcoin as an option.
Bitwage is service, which is getting very popular and lots of people are making use of this for paying salaries and charges are also very less, this makes it an attractive choice.

Anthony Pompliano had also requested his team to pay him in bitcoin and lots of other players would also love to get paid in bitcoin and this is catching up fast for everyone’s liking. But not every team is ready to do that, till things are completely cleared. Okung is also NFL Players Association Vice president and is known to be very popular with players and also works in their interests.

But no one knows, if major NFL players will get paid in bitcoin? Can this be real?

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