Coinbase comes up with a new debit card in crypto currency - 6 more countries covered.

This is something very amazing and people will be very happy with this development, this is going to have a very big impact on the world of cryptocurrency and that works well. There are many options now if people want to buy crypto currency. This debit card is launched in 6 major countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands and the Ireland.

  1. This is a very popular development.
  2. People find it very interesting.
  3. This will do very well in the market.
When this was launched in the UK it flew past the initially 1000 card in no time and looked This card comes in a unique way, it comes in a mobile app and sync directly with the coinbase and this can be used even to withdraw money with the contactless connection from the ATMs. This debit card allows something very important like spending cryptocurrencies which are popular like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin in major stores. This is also going to be accepted soon with most merchants which accept Visa.

With this one can pay in euro and in another currency with the help of coinbase which will convert your crypto in the general currency. There are many banks and start-ups from all over the world which are trying hard to make the process of crypto payments and trading much easier. Though it has got some major issues which need to be dealt.

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