Coinbase has a huge assets base of about $2 billion

This is something very evident and the company has come up with a series of tweets which has told people that Sam McIngvale and few other seniors’ official did visit UK for discussing the crypto economy and the prospects with he clients. During this meet the firms representatives have discussed that crypto space still needs development.

  1. Coinbase is at $1 billion now
  2. Coinbase is expected to grow to $2 billion soon.
  3. Supporting 90 clients in various countries
They mentioned that coinbase is growing, $2 billion is big amount. Coinbase 40% clients are not in US and there is a chance to grow here.

Even Ripples investment in money gram

Even Ripples investment in money gram is considered a positive step by them and is expected to help the crypto world grow much more.

Also it is a know fact the places like London are becoming centre for crypto innovation. The CEO of coin base had already informed that $1 billion assets were under their management. This is expected to surge soon and reach a very high level and it is a steady investment.

Cointelegraph came up with a new item that is considering framing of some rules of digital currency and also will help in asset trading and doing all kind of settlements. Crypto currency usage is growing and hence the investment in various cryptos is on surge and people really think that in long run this is going to give them good growth.

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