CoinMarketCap Sponsors Israeli Football Club

CoinMarketCap one of the most famous names in the cryptocurrency market is sponsoring a football club in Israel. The most famous player in Israel is Yossi Benayoun.

This is something great in the world of cryptocurrency and has been proudly taken up by CEO of CoinMarketCap Mr. Luke Wagman and the new sporty uniforms of the club look very trendy and this is also helping people know more about the cryptocurrency. Football is catching up in Israel and hence lots of people are going to see this and it is going to be a good investment.

  • Sponsorship is a big step in the crypto world
  • Cryptocurrency getting better exposure.
  • More exposure to young people.
They also played a match against Madrid and that made it really very interesting. This is also getting mainstream attention by doing this, which is something very important. This is a very big step of sponsoring a club and making bitcoin visible to lots of people.

Also, there are some teams which are paying its players in the cryptocurrency. Gibraltar United is the first club which pays its own players in cryptocurrency. Keep it in mind that it also allows them to avoid taxes, which is a big advantage and lots of other clubs may also go the same way. Bitcoin is growing and people are going in for it and lots of new people from all over the world have started making use or investing in bitcoin.

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