Crypto Apps getting dangerous for one and all.

It is the world of android, but things do not look to good for crypto currencies as there are many malicious apps, which are prying hard on user’s data and causing serious concern for many. There are some fraudulent digital wallets like Coin Wallet which deal in cryptocurrency and this is tuning out to be something very dangerous and has impact on security and safety of users. There are many currencies supported here. But the main goal was to transferring crypto currency to cheaters or hackers. This was a scam and downloaded 1000 times before being taken off.

  • Fake apps are very dangerous.
  • Easily available on play store.
  • Playing around with personal data of people.
  • Can be used for phishing, and can cause major harm.
There was a one called "Trezor Mobile Wallet”, this also offered a wallet. This collected the personal information of the users but this was used to do phishing attacks. This looked like a real one to start with, but that was far away from reality. This one was easily available in playstore but not for long. It had 50+ download before it was detected and it was very dangerous for users of original Trezor wallet. 

Google has acted swiftly and removed these both apps from the play store completely. 

This has created lots of doubts in the mind of crypto lovers who really were looking for some good apps. But at the present time they need to fen themselves with scams and malicious apps.

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