Crypto the growing a great deal in the market. What is your call?

The awareness of this crypto is increasing by the day. This has gone up a great deal since the year 2017, 11% percent of USA popular already owns bitcoin and this figure is just an estimate could be much higher. This is a very high figure considering that so far there is no framework on the same. Blockchain Capital conducted some research and finding that demographic trends of the cryptocurrency, which is witnessing a wide change.

  • The interest level in bitcoin is very high.
  • Bitcoin is liked by younger age group more
  • Awareness about bitcoin is growing with all age groups.
There were surveys conducted at various times and 2,052 American adults were asked questions and based on that the conclusion was formulated. This gives some very interesting insight into the usage of bitcoin.

According to the survey, the USA population gained lot of knowledge of various aspects of bitcoin like the awareness, conviction and also perception has changed completely and people have become more positive about it. This is a major change and lots of people have become very positive about the same.

The bitcoin demographic trend is mostly people from the young age group are present there and this does not seem to change. This is something that is liked by people from the younger age group. This is a big plus and lots of people are showing immense trust in bitcoin. Majority of American irrespective of their age have surely heard about bitcoin and that is a big plus.

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