Crypto Trading Strategy Marketplace: A brand new initiative by an Indian startup

Trading of cryptocurrencies could be extremely rewarding but at the same time, it is prone to numerous risks. However, as a trader, you can always beat these risks if you have a perfect strategy. Now, Mudrex an Indian startup company has launched a market place that is exclusively meant for the trading strategies. A trader can build algorithmic trading strategies, even without writing a single line of code.

How can you access Mudrex?

➔ Through Mudrex website (
➔ Through Product Hunt (

Why you should you use the trading strategy marketplace from Mudrex?

➔ To successfully deal with market volatilities.
➔ To maximize the trading profits.
➔ To invest in crypto market algorithmically.
➔ To avail a large collection of strategies that will optimize your cryptocurrency trading business.

Is Mudrex available with all the exchanges?

No, it is not. At present it is associated with only these two exchanges.
➔ Bitmex
➔ Binance

However, a company in its official release has mentioned that it is looking to tie up with multiple exchanges in the future, given access to a wider market.

In case you are an expert and want to create your own strategies, then you can definitely do the same with the help of drag and drop tool from Mudra. In this way, strategies can be created as well as iterated. Traders can also submit their created strategies to the marketplace, which can be used by other users on the basis of a subscription fee.

How the strategies are created?

The strategies are created on the basis of key parameters, that includes:

➔ Past performance
➔ Cryptocurrencies invested
➔ Time Frames or Periods
In short, if you are looking to make something big in the Cryptocurrency market, the Crypto

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