Crypto will success a great deal on social media and that is the future.

Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital which is one of the most renowned cryptocurrency merchant banks said that crypto assets are the future and they are the social media giants in the market and will surely succeed a great deal. They are not looking back. This was told in the interview with the BBC, which was published on May 24h.

  • Crypto payments are catching up all over the world.
  • Crypto is good for future.
  • Crypto is growing on social media.
He also mentioned about Facebook and telegram having a common coin. This is going to be the future that was he mentioned and it could be very close to what lies in the future and will do very well for one and all. There are many people who are aware of this and are taking lot of interest in the particular field and this look to be going up a great deal. If you talk about the BTC, then things are very bright and this is something that is growing. Lots of people are comparing BTC with gold too. The facebook coin is expected to be used for payments and will be of limited value. Though this has to be complete legalized to avoid any kind of issues.

He also pointed out the winter for crypto is over. He says that bitcoin will change the world.

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