Google Searches shooting up to 10,000 for 'Bitcoin'

If anyone has seen Google trend they must be aware that search analytics clearly shows bitcoin is catching up the race and is reaching a monthly high in number of searches on June 24. This is looking on an upward trend and shows that the interest level of people is very high.

1) Search terms for crypto rising a great deal in last few days.

2) Bitcoin searches up by 25%

3) Libra Searches up by 50%

Bitcoin is in lots of demand after Facebook’s Libra unveiling and does not show any sign of slowing up. Libra is blockchain-powered financial which is also searched wide on Google.

As per Cointelegraph recently the numbers of searches for bitcoin were only 10% of what they were in 2017 Bull Run, which peaked to $20,000 that year. But of late this trend is changing and looks like the interest level is growing a lot.

This is nothing but resurgent interest which people are showing from all over the world. Lots of searches are coming from countries like Nigeria, Switzerland, Ghana, South Africa and Austria for bitcoin. There are some other countries like Uruguay, Albania, Panama and Nicaragua who are very keen on search for Libra.

As per Cointelegraph, the trend is much lower then the last peak, but there is a huge indication that it will soon hit its all times high. Joe Lubin who was the Ethereum co-founder has strongly come out against Libra as it is not decentralized. Bitcoin is already up to $11,000 mark as we write this.

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