How to shop online with your crypto coins?

You might have done online shopping with your credit or debit cards, or even with your digital wallet. But, do you know now you can shop online with the cryptocurrencies as well. Indeed, it’s great news for online shoppers who actually have cryptocurrencies. But wait, if you are thinking you can transact directly with crypto coins on popular ecommerce stores, then you are wrong. You can’t use directly, but you can shop online with your crypto currencies. We will tell you how.

Alagoria: The first option will be to use the platform Alagoria. It supports Walmart and Home Depot. You have to visit the website of Walmart and Home Depot. Browse the product, and copy the product link page from the address bar. Now go to, and paste the copied product link address. Once you are on to the product page and complete your purchase with the crypto coins. You will have the option of paying with BTC, ZEC, LTC, and BCH.

Bitcoin Superstore: Now Alagoria delivers only in the US, if you want delivery outside the US, then Bitcoin Superstore is for you. This platform support Amazon, Walmart, and many other stores, including travel websites like Expedia. In Bitcoin Superstore you can purchase directly without even creating an account. It supports 13 cryptocurrencies, that includes the popular ones like Dash, BTC, and XRP.

Olodolo: If you are an Ali Express fan, then you can use the platform Olodolo, to shop from Ali Express with Crypto Currencies. You can purchase directly without even without creating an account. Olodolo supports BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC.

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