Japan comes up with a new Crypto Bill - Do you want to know more about it?

Japans government has come up with a new cryptocurrency bill and also a provision to convert it into a law and this is something that is happening as a big development. Japans public is made aware of this development and like other countries, even Japan is taking a step forward in this direction. It still remains to be seen what will be the impact of this on the market.

  • Japan comes with a new crypto bill.
  • Passed by the lower house.
  • Also passed by the upper house.
  • There could be some amendments later.
This was passed on May 21 by the House of Representatives from Japan and also accepted by the upper house. The government website listed all the information on this topic. This is something that was in making for a long time and came into reality soon.

The bill may have some changes based on how it goes and could have some amendment based on response. But at the present time, nothing is clear. This is something that is taken up by most cottiers and Japan is not left behind and has come up with this as expected. The complete bill will be finalized soon and is expected to be implemented by June 2020 of before. This is going to be a huge step for Japan.

We are yet to see the impact of this and do not know in which it will move.

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