Microsoft takes care of Identity to protect your bitcoin

Digital identity is one of the most important things in your life. If you want to take care of that then one needs to be very careful. The idea is around something that is basically like Facebook Connect to access all the applications with one identity. But letting Facebook or Microsoft having the key, this could be a danger to one's privacy.

One can have a fixed digital identity, which could be common for all websites. It will work everywhere and you do not need to have different logins. So one will have a single login for and that does the job. This would also work across different crypto platforms and that a big advantage.
  • Fixed digital Identity.
  • Secure data with a big company.
  • Can be used everywhere.
Microsoft has come up with a digital identity concept and is developing protocols for that and this is going to common for all and that saves time. Digital identity concept is something very good and may do wonders in the real world.

But one thing people cannot understand is Microsoft choice, as bitcoin is very slow and may not work as desired and hence people are getting in speculation mode. Lots of people are saying this is a surprising move and that will not work well. Microsoft is coming up with something that is a completely decentralized. if that happens things will be very simple. This system may take some time to work the right way, till completely tested.

This is an ongoing process and may take some time, and this will require adoption only after all checks are done. Decentralization is the key and that is something that is worked upon and this is taking time.

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