Nouriel Roubini Says Facebook coin in not something from crypto world.

This is coming as a major shock to many and this is expected to surprise. It is a very strong statement that is made. Nouriel Roubini who is a very famous economist and crypto currency expert has given this opinion and it cannot be taken lightly at all. This is something that is very serious remark. As he say that this currency is not decentralized which should be the case with crypto currency and that is the main reason this has got nothing to do with Global Coin.

  • Global coin not crypto currency as per Nouriel Roubini
  • Global coin not based on block chain
He is also known as Dr doom and says that is facebook coin completely centralised and controlled, which defeats the purpose of having the crypto currency. This facebook coin has got a big support from lots of global companies and this promises growth. There is a huge investment of $10 billion done by master, visa, PayPal and others. So this has got huge backing and that is expected to grow leaps and bounds.

He also said that it is not sure that facebook coin is going to make use of common block chain technologies. He says why they will and is not a big fan of this at all. This is not a system that is based on the the principals of block chain technologies. He also said that this is not crypto faithful.

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