Now learn about Blockchain from China’s largest online learning platform

Blockchain is all around, with the massive growth in the crypto market. Everyone wants to be an expert in Blockchain Technology. However, the application of Blockchain technology is not limited to the crypto market but can be extended to many real-life applications.

Now, the good news is you can learn about Blockchain technology from, which is the largest online learning platform in China.

Why is best for online learning?

1) It has more than 600,000 active members, making it one of the largest online community in the world.

2) It has got a large repository of courses for Android developers.

3) Currently, more than 2500 courses are listed on the platform that is available to learners.

The world of crypto undoubtedly provides a newer set of opportunities as well as experience. However, settling within it might not be an easy task, especially if one doesn’t have a proper knowledge or proper experience in this field. For example, a novice user might not know which wallet is good for his, and how to make safer payments through the wallets. In a worst-case scenario, the might lose funds as well owing to their lack of knowledge and experience in this field.

Lightning Lab has already developed a series of modules on blockchain technology, that will be led to the development of HPB (High-Performance Blockchain). All the courses are available to learners on One can simply search for the course series title as “Blockchain Wallet iOS & Android in Practice”, to access the courses on Blockchain.

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