Peaceful Warrior: Buy your lifestyle products with cryptocurrencies

There is nothing better than shopping lifestyle product. It can be jewelry, perfume, exclusive merchandises, and many other items. However, this joy will get doubled if you are allowed to shop on a platform that sells lifestyle products and accepts cryptocurrencies for the purchase made. Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to go to a third-party website to complete your purchase with cryptocurrencies. You just pay on the same website with cryptocurrencies and complete your purchase.

What is “Peaceful Warrior”?

1) Peaceful Warrior is a crypto friendly e-commerce platform.

2) It specializes in selling lifestyle products. Right fromjewelry to luxury watches, it has all. It also has a beautiful collection of necklaces, that might attract the ladies. There are special crypto merchandises, which one can buy from this site. These merchandises are available only on this particular platform.

3) It allows consumers to make a purchase on the website with the help of digital currencies.

4) Its motto is to promote the usage of cryptocurrencies for exchanges that can be used in real life as well.

5) Peaceful warrior integrates with Coinbase Commerce at the backend, which facilitates the payment through cryptocurrencies.

6) This platform accepts all the popular cryptocurrencies. However, if you are short on your cryptocurrencies, then you can also use PayPal for payment.

Peaceful Warrior was established by three businesswomen, who wanted to develop a platform that will serve two distinct purposes. First, a platform where consumers can buy exclusive lifestyle items. Second, a platform where cryptocurrency will be the primary mode of exchange or trade.

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