People on Localbitcoins dealing with only Bitcoin in place of cash? Reality?

Local bitcoins is one of the oldest exchanges in the market. There is some new information about them; they have completely stopped the cash trades from their options. This is a big change and with immediate effect, in place of cash, they will only be dealing with bitcoin.

  • Cash transaction completely stopped.
  • Only Bitcoin trade allowed.
  • Sudden change happening in the working of the exchange.
The users cannot make use of cash to sell BTC or vice versa and this is something that people need to get used to with instantly. Many people are confused and are looking for different ways to buy and sell bitcoin but if you are a member of Localbitcoins, then the cash is compete ruled out.

There are lots of people who are very confused about why the platform completely removed the cash option and this has not gone too well with users. This is something that has surprised many people. But due to the sudden cancellation of cash trades there is lots of dissent. The reason for this is not very clear at the present time. Once people logged into their account they were completely surprised to see the cash out as an option. This is going to force many people to look for other options in place of this particular exchange. This news spread very quickly on social media and there is no looking back for now.

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