Ron Paul: The U.S. Dollar Is In a Bubble, Bitcoin as an Alternative

The former US presidential candidate was regularly oppose of Federal Reserve and has got a strong statement to make about the countries economic policy. In the past, there are lots of politicians who have spoken in favor of cryptocurrencies. Some people are also suggesting keeping crypto currencies out of taxation. Do not know how this will shape up, but when it does, things will be very different in the digital payment world.

  • Make bitcoin tax free.
  • Make Bitcoin an alternative to Dollars
  • Make bitcoin very popular.
When Paul was asked in an interview, about the US dollar and how bitcoin could help in such a situation, he was very positive about bitcoin and spoke about it as a sure alternative to the dollar.

Ron Paul has got an opinion, that due to some right beliefs, cryptocurrencies are becoming a major force. If we talk about the Libertarianism, then one needs to have freedom of choice and autonomy. Bitcoin will help in achieving that and will take the world on a different level.

He is not at all positive about Federal Reserve and the rate at which the country is digging into a serious mess. Paul also clarified, that no bitcoin is currently held by him. He converts all the bitcoins he gets into fiat currencies. There are many people who are in support of bitcoin of late. There are lots of people who like bitcoin.

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