Simple and hard to replicate, says CEO of Coinshare Praises Bitcoin.

Meltem Demirors who is the CEO of Coinshare says numerous protocols have come up in the crypto world. There are some problems in the earlier days but things are changing drastically and Bitcoin is becoming safer than ever. Let us look any bitcoin is becoming so popular?

  • Bitcoin is very safe to make use of.
  • Bitcoin has got lots of different protocols for safety and security
  • Bitcoin has become very fast.
  • Bitcoin is adding new features with every given day.
$30 billion has been spent on setting up of protocols and these protocols have solved many problems like bitcoin was slow and expensive. Lots of efforts have gone in setting up these protocols and that has helped a great deal.

During the ICO boom in the year 2017, there were issues of lack of funds, but things have been better since then. There are many things that have been developed and things have improved a great deal for bitcoin.

A lot of these protocols have helped a lot to improving bitcoin, some people were thinking that they would kill bitcoin, but nothing like that has happened at all. One has to keep in mind, that bitcoin cannot be replicated and is very elegant. Bitcoin is very private and secure for one and all. Regularly new features are getting added to bitcoin and it has been progressing rapidly. Some important things like Lightning network and Schnorr signatures are big steps ahead.

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