Starbucks and whole foods now accept bitcoin, wow what a change!!

It is a very hot afternoon in the month of May. Cameron Winklevoss decided to have a cold coffee in Starbucks, but how does he pay for it? USD? Nah, it is going to be with bitcoin. Things are changing completely and it is not the same anymore.

If you are at the Gramercy Park and you look at the amazing Starbucks at the end of the lane things become much easier one can make payments with bitcoin, this is a very positive step for the crypto world and help the digital world change a great deal.
  • Bitcoin awareness of growing.
  • Bitcoins getting accepted in many more places.
  • Bitcoin could be the future of payments.
Starbucks is ready with bitcoin support; this is the world of great change and can help people with bitcoin to make the purchase without any problems, whether you want ripe bananas or a milkshake all can be got with the help of bitcoin.

There is a new app called Spedn, which can really help in pay for a drink in the cryptocurrency format. This is a big plus and can help a great deal. This is something that supports ethereum blockchain. This is also helping many small stores to accept payments with the help of this.

So what are you waiting for? Now you have bitcoin everywhere and you can make payments in various top stores and enjoy your time by paying with bitcoins.

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