Trons win Charity Auction - A Super lunch with Warren Buffett in $4.57M

Tron, has just won something very special and that is a charity action lunch with guess who? Warren Buffett, one of the most innovative business minds in the USA. This news was out on June 3. This is something which can be considered and one of the most expensive auction lunches in the history or at least the last 20 years for sure. It is not only lunch for one but also 7 friends can accompany. This is a great way to get some charity and also make people feel special about it.

  • Great way to raise funds for charity.
  • $30 Million, raised so far.
  • Lots of people getting help, who are in serious need.
All the proceeds which will be getting out of the auction will be given to the GLIDE foundation. This is an organization which focuses on strongly fighting any kind of injustice done to people who are oppressed or are economically deprived. This organization also supports people who are completely homeless. This is a very excellent initiative and will benefit lots of people who need help and care.

Buffett’s wife is known to be a very vocal GLIDE volunteer and has helped the organization raise more than $30 million till date which is a very good amount. Sun said that this is a great way to support holistic programs which are generally held for the local community wellbeing.

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