Tyler Winklevoss is Bullish on Bitcoin, suggests it will break 15K mark

The unstable as well as vulnerable period of Bitcoin seems to be over. At least that is what we can say, after Bitcoin has breached the 10K mark, and its surge continues. One person who has become quite optimistic is Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of the Gemini crypto exchange. When many of the trading experts believe that Bitcoin can easily breach 11K mark as well in near future, Tyler believes that 15K should be the target for Bitcoin now.

Undoubtedly, Tyler is quite bullish on the crypto trading industry, especially on Bitcoin. The words of Tyler need to be taken seriously, as he is one of the early investors in the crypto industry. Thus, he has got an in-depth knowledge as well as experience on the crypto industry. As per Tyler, if Bitcoin can break the 10,000 mark, there is no reason why it should not breach the 15,000 mark as well.

If someone thinks that this is not possible, then definitely they should remind themselves about 2017. It was in this year that during bull run, it breached the 15K mark in mere eight and a half days, after it breached the 10,000 mark. The best part was next eight days, when it breached 20K mark as well, and reached a all time high. A similar kind of run is expected in 2019 as well. It is true that after it breached 20K mark, there was a major correction. But, it is part of the trading market, where a bull run is followed by a major correction.

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