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This was announced recently that Binance is going to stop serving the customers from the US, whether they are individual or they are corporate customers, it is going to be the same. This restriction is something that has come as a shock to many of the people. But there are some ways out like the NON-verified US customers can bypass the restriction with the help of a good VPN and continue using the service but do not know how effective it is going to be.

• not serving US customers
• This is with immediate effect.
• 15% of users on the website were from the US.
There are about 15% of the people who visit this website are from the US. Even if you go to see this is one of the most popular exchanges in the crypto world, if you take with the volume. It has completely stopped dealing with the US customers on its main platform. This is not something that will go down too well with its users from the US. They have just mentioned a note stating they would continue with their operation elsewhere but will not be able to serve the US customer and the same information is on their website.

At the start of the year in 2018, there were about 30% of people from the US and this has gradually gone down to 15%. But even this count is by no means less. This exchange offers to trade in about 150 different cryptocurrencies and not many offer that.

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