Want to know about the history of bitcoin logos?

Well, bitcoin is the new craze and lots of people are investing and paying with it from all over the world. There is a logo which is also associated with it, this has become very famous and people love it. This does not belong to anyone; this is something that belongs to the crypto world. This is becoming popular by being part of designs on t-shirts, laptop, stick and much more. The bitcoins unofficial logo is becoming very popular and people love it.

  • This is becoming a craze all over the world.
  • The logo is very attractive.
  • Acts as a symbol for making payments.
This logo could be used next to master and visa card logo also signifying acceptance of bitcoin. But the new logo is not the same as the older one and there are some basic changes. The logo has a long story associated with it.

In the initial phase, this was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. This was based on similarity of a gold coin. Bitcoin enthusiasts love it and want to see this everywhere.

Some people have got an opinion that we do not need to have a logo for bitcoin. The spirit of bitcoin is being free of any standard. The new logo was well received by the users of Bitcoin Talk. They liked it and it was something really good. But some of them also did not like it and were very critical about it.

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