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Polkadot: The interoperability blockchain network

July 06, 2019
The most ambitious project of Gavin Wood (Co-Founder of Ethereum), finally started getting funding through token sales. The Swiss non-profit organization Web 3 facilitated the private sale of the tokens, that will generate the fund required for Wood ‘s project Polkadot. This project is all about Blockchain’s interoperability. Around 500,000 DOT tokens were sold, which is only 5 percent of the overall supply. The project requires $1.2 billion, and going by the demand of DOT it seems it will get the projected fund. Web3 has remained tight-lipped on the sale proceeds and has declined to divulge any details on this.

From unconfirmed reports, it has been heard that three Chinese firms have bought DOT tokens. These firms were eager to invest in the Polkadot project. However, even

Gavin Wood is quite optimistic with the demand of DOT amongst the private investors, and he is hopeful that total funding for the project will be realized soon. He is also happy about the interest was shown by the investors toward his project Polkadot. He reasoned that probably the fresh idea of the Polkadot project became the top draw amongst the investors.

What is Polkadot all about?

With high demand, it has been knowing that the complete funding for the project is yet to be realized.
- It is a blockchain network
- Enables other blockchains to work with each other
- Facilitates interoperability
- Is the first ecosystem for facilitating interoperability
Polkadot seems to be a game changer in the crypto market if successfully launched. It is expected that this blockchain network will be launched by the end of this year.

Why Binance and Coinbase betting big on Matic

June 29, 2019
In the month of April, Coinbase ventures endorsed their project, named as Matic Network. The sale of the token from Matic Network was hosted by the Binance. The native token is Matic, whose value increased by 22 percent, once the project Matic network was announced.

While in May, Matic joined the transparency initiative of Binance Info. Thus, it became one of the first startups, that was labelled as “V”. Once it was labelled as “V”, more surge was witnessed in the value of Matic. It gained around 75 percent on a particular day. This definitely triggered some lifeline in the market, which was numb until this time. However, the most significant surge came on May 21st, with a surge of more than 700 percent, which was enormous.

Now let us give you some pointers about Matic, which has already shown some good performance:

1) Matic is a startup, that is based in Mumbai, India.

2) It was founded in November 2017.

3) It was founded by an experienced team, who were looking to build scaled solutions for the end user products.

4) Matic offers an effective method to fix ETH, which is meant for decentralized applications.

As we know that ETH hasa scalability issue, because of that it can process only seven transactions in a minute. Now, this is a limitation of ETH, Matic claims that it can fix it with the help of Matic Network, that is a Layer Scalability solution.

This is the main reason why Binance, as well as Coinbase, is betting big on Matic.

Tyler Winklevoss is Bullish on Bitcoin, suggests it will break 15K mark

June 29, 2019
The unstable as well as vulnerable period of Bitcoin seems to be over. At least that is what we can say, after Bitcoin has breached the 10K mark, and its surge continues. One person who has become quite optimistic is Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of the Gemini crypto exchange. When many of the trading experts believe that Bitcoin can easily breach 11K mark as well in near future, Tyler believes that 15K should be the target for Bitcoin now.

Undoubtedly, Tyler is quite bullish on the crypto trading industry, especially on Bitcoin. The words of Tyler need to be taken seriously, as he is one of the early investors in the crypto industry. Thus, he has got an in-depth knowledge as well as experience on the crypto industry. As per Tyler, if Bitcoin can break the 10,000 mark, there is no reason why it should not breach the 15,000 mark as well.

If someone thinks that this is not possible, then definitely they should remind themselves about 2017. It was in this year that during bull run, it breached the 15K mark in mere eight and a half days, after it breached the 10,000 mark. The best part was next eight days, when it breached 20K mark as well, and reached a all time high. A similar kind of run is expected in 2019 as well. It is true that after it breached 20K mark, there was a major correction. But, it is part of the trading market, where a bull run is followed by a major correction.

Bitcoin Touches Above $12.9k Highest Mark in 17 Months

June 29, 2019
Bitcoin is growing again. Constant sales volumes have allowed Bitcoin to soar up to $1,200 over the past 17 months.

Since 2018, Bitcoin has not risen so high according to CoinDesk’s BPI data.

Bitcoin continues to show good growth results, an increase of 40 percent only in June, while its annual growth has increased by more than 250 percent. This data is hosted by

It is important to note that experts according to the developed graphs and the Fibonacci extension theory predict that $12,000 is just the beginning. Bitcoin is expected to increase to $13,100.

Analyzing recent volatility Bitcoin not excluded that may occur short-term growth to 12 US $500. Such an opinion can be reached on the basis of liquidity levels that are currently entering and leaving the markets in an accelerated sequence.

Based on TradingView's weekly schedule, interesting details are viewed, so based on the key levels of Bitcoin will be in the range of $11,500. The total amount of Bitcoin to be sold is $11,500 and $13,700, respectively. So if the Bitcoin becomes higher or lower than these levels, it will be possible to determine the direction of the trend either to increase or decrease its price.

The above mentioned also results from the fact that since the beginning of the new year there has been a strong support for the weekly volume (except for March). This is a good sign for bulls, as the movements are supported by strong liquidity and buyer pressure.

As a result, we see that:

• Bitcoin has risen above $12,900, which is a breakthrough over the past 17 months.

• The latest indications are that Bitcoin will reach $13,700 due to a strong bullish momentum.

The average trader will face an extreme level of volatility, which will certainly tighten the trading conditions. gives rewards in BTC

June 29, 2019
Do you like travelling? Then you surely know about This is one of the most premium websites on the internet to find the right kind of hotels. Also if you are a BTC lover, then there is more good news for you.

You can now get rewards on your favourite travel portal in bitcoin. This is a new thing and BTC rewards app Lolli has tied up with as per the post on June 25th. With this partnership the world, top 3 travel websites including are tied up with Lolli.

• Lolli is a big hit, with bitcoin lovers and travellers.
• People love rewards in BTC.

Lolli is an app which started in March 2018 and allows users to earn Satoshis, which is called the smallest unit of BTC. This is going to be the first BTC reward apps in the market.

It has also tied up with Hilton and Marriot. Lolli now allows the global travellers to earn 3.5% bitcoin from the purchase that they have made on the website based on the details given by the company and this is a very positive trend for the crypto world as has 325,000 properties and caters to about 19,000 locations from all over the world. Also, there was a quiz on Twitter by Lolli to guess the new partnership which was a big hit. Lolli had raised about $2.25 million in 2018. This has happened before also with Cheap air which was accepting payment in bitcoin in the UK in 2014.

Google Searches shooting up to 10,000 for 'Bitcoin'

June 29, 2019
If anyone has seen Google trend they must be aware that search analytics clearly shows bitcoin is catching up the race and is reaching a monthly high in number of searches on June 24. This is looking on an upward trend and shows that the interest level of people is very high.

1) Search terms for crypto rising a great deal in last few days.

2) Bitcoin searches up by 25%

3) Libra Searches up by 50%

Bitcoin is in lots of demand after Facebook’s Libra unveiling and does not show any sign of slowing up. Libra is blockchain-powered financial which is also searched wide on Google.

As per Cointelegraph recently the numbers of searches for bitcoin were only 10% of what they were in 2017 Bull Run, which peaked to $20,000 that year. But of late this trend is changing and looks like the interest level is growing a lot.

This is nothing but resurgent interest which people are showing from all over the world. Lots of searches are coming from countries like Nigeria, Switzerland, Ghana, South Africa and Austria for bitcoin. There are some other countries like Uruguay, Albania, Panama and Nicaragua who are very keen on search for Libra.

As per Cointelegraph, the trend is much lower then the last peak, but there is a huge indication that it will soon hit its all times high. Joe Lubin who was the Ethereum co-founder has strongly come out against Libra as it is not decentralized. Bitcoin is already up to $11,000 mark as we write this.

Bitcoin (BTC) set to cross $12,000 mark

June 29, 2019
In recent time, Bitcoin has breached the $10,000 mark comfortably, and it could be well on its way to the 12K mark. The huge gain against the US dollars has been seen in the last few days, and the increase in the value is more than 10 percent. With this performance, one can expect that it can touch the $11,000 pretty soon.

If we compare the price last December which was $3100, it has tripled. Hence, we cannot call this a sudden increase in the value of Bitcoins, but there has been a considerable build-up in the last few months. This only proves stagnation period in cryptocurrencies have come to an end, while the cryptocurrencies itself have shown significant signs of the strength. Industry experts have noted that consistent build up in the price of Bitcoin is due to the positive attitude of investors. With this positive sentiment, more investors are likely to invest in the cryptocurrencies.

The recent increase in the value of the cryptocurrency could be well attributed to the fifty percent Fib retracement level of the current rally, that helped to breach the 10K mark and formed strong support for the rally. It was observed in the hourly chart of BTC/USD, there is a presence of a bullish trend line around $10,200, that is providing the support. With holding at little bit above $ 10,900, crypto traders are bullish that its only a matter of time, when the 11K mark will be successfully breached.

Bitcoin could hit a huge $100,000 in Next Bull Run

June 29, 2019
Naeem Aslam the chief market analyst of ThinkMarkets has got a prediction to make, he says bitcoin has a bright future and can reach anything between $60,000 and $100,000 when the next bull runs start for it, this is as per an interview was given to Fox Business on June 24th.

• BTC expected to Reach $50,000
• BTC may end on $21,000 in Years 2019

Only time will tell whether this happens or not. If one remembers Aslam has also predicted a few weeks back that bitcoin will reach $10,000 and this happened on June 22 that was a record high which was not seen in the complete last year.

Aslam further adds that one needs to look at some very important price points of $20,000 to $50,000 and that will decide the motion. He says that once $20,000 is reached then there is no stopping back. The price can reach $50,000 and then maybe jump to $100,000.

He said BTC is nothing but digital gold. Also, there is a huge spike in the prices due to the U.S.–China trade war and not conclusive results are seen on the same and there is a lack of confidence in the market.

He also says the Middle East war could be another worry for people and are looking to diversify. BTC is a very good option for storing wealth. Cointelegraph earlier reported that in 2019 bitcoin will close at about 21,000. This is based on BTC price on 200 Day moving average.

Now learn about Blockchain from China’s largest online learning platform

June 29, 2019
Blockchain is all around, with the massive growth in the crypto market. Everyone wants to be an expert in Blockchain Technology. However, the application of Blockchain technology is not limited to the crypto market but can be extended to many real-life applications.

Now, the good news is you can learn about Blockchain technology from, which is the largest online learning platform in China.

Why is best for online learning?

1) It has more than 600,000 active members, making it one of the largest online community in the world.

2) It has got a large repository of courses for Android developers.

3) Currently, more than 2500 courses are listed on the platform that is available to learners.

The world of crypto undoubtedly provides a newer set of opportunities as well as experience. However, settling within it might not be an easy task, especially if one doesn’t have a proper knowledge or proper experience in this field. For example, a novice user might not know which wallet is good for his, and how to make safer payments through the wallets. In a worst-case scenario, the might lose funds as well owing to their lack of knowledge and experience in this field.

Lightning Lab has already developed a series of modules on blockchain technology, that will be led to the development of HPB (High-Performance Blockchain). All the courses are available to learners on One can simply search for the course series title as “Blockchain Wallet iOS & Android in Practice”, to access the courses on Blockchain.

Undervalued Ripple to attract the traders, in spite of the introduction of Libra

June 29, 2019
Recently, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, shared his valuable inputs on the cryptocurrency market, along with his thought on the future of Ripple in the Cryptocurrency market. Brad reiterated to the crypto community, that he has always been a staunch supporter of Bitcoin from the beginning. He really liked the way, how Bitcoin allowed others to improvise its source code, in order to develop a more feature rich platform. This included the development of peer to peer payment without any intermediaries. Ripple can also take a cue from this, and innovate itself to make its platform more feature rich.

Why does Brad think Ripple could be the next biggest thing?

1) It caters to a specific segment (Peer to Peer payment systems that are used by financial institutes worldwide).

2) It is energy efficient.

3) It relies on a common shared ledger.

Hence, these are some of the features which have helped Ripple to sustain in the crypto market.

Ripple already developed a market for itself with the help of xCurrent, which helps banks as well as other financial institutions to settle cross border payments. On similar lines, it has introduced xRapid, which helps the payment provider to minimize the liquidity costs. Even though xRapid is not as popular as xCurrent, it is gradually picking up. Brad maintains that once the regulatory, as well as middleware issues, are resolved, XRP is going to pickup at a faster pace in the market. Moreover, once banks upgrade to xCurrent version 4, by default xRapid will be incorporated into it.

Ripple’s XRP has managed to remain steady, even after the announcement of Facebook’s Libra. In a longer run, Ripple aims to replace SWIFT which is the current fund transfer platform. While Ripple currently trading at 44 cents remains undervalued and has got a target of 80 cents.

Bitcoin is all set to breach the 11K mark, $100K is definitely in sight

June 29, 2019
The crypto market was buzzing about a possibility, and finally, that happened. Bitcoin breaches the 10,000 mark and made its way to 10,900. Indeed, it’s a milestone which crypto traders were betting about.

So far what we know about this development:

1) Bitcoin has breached the 10K mark last Saturday.

2) It has not shown any sign of slowing down and has successfully reached 10,900.

3) With this high-profile surge, the market capitalization stands at $23 billion.

However, even though this surge is good news for the crypto market, industry experts mention that the price is way out of the upper Bollinger Band. Hence, traders should be extremely while they invest at this level. A correction is definitely expected due to profit booking before it finally breaches the 11K mark. In this year there have been consolidations, but we have not seen any corrections. So, one should not be surprised if the correction happens.

Another expert strongly suggested that as the Bitcoin has entered its fourth parabolic phase, $100,000 target is definitely in sight and a probability. With the high volume of BTC, Bitcoins dominate 50 percent of the overall crypto market. BTC is not the only cryptocurrency that is gaining, Ethereum and Binance Coin have also made significant gains. In fact, ETH has breached the $300 mark.

Hence, it could be said that the current phase is one of the brightest phases in the cryptocurrency market, and with this phase, the market is all set to grow.

Turkey & Latin American leads the way amongst the cryptocurrency users

June 28, 2019
The cryptocurrency market is expanding across the globe at a rapid pace, and so are the cryptocurrency users or traders. The best part is, recent trends show that cryptocurrency users have increased in those countries, where one least expects to. A recent study conducted by Statista Global Consumer Survey deplores the consumer's perception of different aspects, and cryptocurrency is one of them. In fact, one question in the questionnaire was related tocryptocurrency.

The outcome of the survey from Statista is quite startling. As per the survey results, the users belonging to the minority groups of the Latin American Region are the highest users or owners of cryptocurrencies.

Let’s have a quick look at the key findings of the survey:

1) Five countries out of the top ten Latin countries who are the highest users of cryptocurrencies are located on the southern border of the United States.

2) A startling 18 percent of users from Columbia and Brazil agreed that they own digital assets.

3) 16 percent of respondents from Argentina accepted that they have invested in digital assets, while the same figure stood at 11 percent for Chile.

Most of these countries are affected by hyperinflation, which has forced the merchants to accept digital currencies for trading. This justifies why Latin American users are gaining on the cryptocurrencies.

If you consider a single country and not a region, then Turkey leads all the way followed by Brazil. Turkey has amongst 20 percent of respondents who have digital assets, which is highest amongst other nations.

Turkey, as well as the Latin American regions, are heavily hit with inflation, which has forced merchants to trade with cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies.

Is Facebook’s Libra a threat potential threat to Bitcoin

June 28, 2019
Facebook has jumped to the bandwagon of cryptocurrencies, by announcing its owns digital currency Libra. But, the big question is, Is Libra a threat to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? This is the question which the cryptocurrency market is asking, and we try to find probable answers to this question. Libra can’t be a threat to traditional cryptocurrencies, for two simple reasons:

➢ Libra is not decentralized.
➢ Libra is not permissionless.

It is not that Facebook is not aware of these two reasons. It is definitely aware, and as a result, it has already taken the initiative. As part of this initiative:

➢ Facebook has engaged multiple organizations which will govern as well act as validators once the currency is launched. However, instead of decentralization, it will actually make Libra as a centralized virtual currency, as everything will be decided by the consortium which Facebook will form for governing Libra.

➢ Regarding being permissionless, Facebook has mentioned that this is something which they are looking to address during the transition phase, which might be in the next five years.

Even though Facebook has come up with the clarifications, but it generally fails to address the mentioned issues. However, Facebook clarifies that Libra is meant for those customers who don’t have access to traditional financial services, but at the same time, they have never used the cryptocurrency services.

It is very clear that Facebook is aiming to a market that is devoid of cryptocurrencies. As a result, it is not a threat to the conventional cryptocurrencies but to the fiat currencies.

Crypto Trading Strategy Marketplace: A brand new initiative by an Indian startup

June 28, 2019
Trading of cryptocurrencies could be extremely rewarding but at the same time, it is prone to numerous risks. However, as a trader, you can always beat these risks if you have a perfect strategy. Now, Mudrex an Indian startup company has launched a market place that is exclusively meant for the trading strategies. A trader can build algorithmic trading strategies, even without writing a single line of code.

How can you access Mudrex?

➔ Through Mudrex website (
➔ Through Product Hunt (

Why you should you use the trading strategy marketplace from Mudrex?

➔ To successfully deal with market volatilities.
➔ To maximize the trading profits.
➔ To invest in crypto market algorithmically.
➔ To avail a large collection of strategies that will optimize your cryptocurrency trading business.

Is Mudrex available with all the exchanges?

No, it is not. At present it is associated with only these two exchanges.
➔ Bitmex
➔ Binance

However, a company in its official release has mentioned that it is looking to tie up with multiple exchanges in the future, given access to a wider market.

In case you are an expert and want to create your own strategies, then you can definitely do the same with the help of drag and drop tool from Mudra. In this way, strategies can be created as well as iterated. Traders can also submit their created strategies to the marketplace, which can be used by other users on the basis of a subscription fee.

How the strategies are created?

The strategies are created on the basis of key parameters, that includes:

➔ Past performance
➔ Cryptocurrencies invested
➔ Time Frames or Periods
In short, if you are looking to make something big in the Cryptocurrency market, the Crypto

Peaceful Warrior: Buy your lifestyle products with cryptocurrencies

June 28, 2019
There is nothing better than shopping lifestyle product. It can be jewelry, perfume, exclusive merchandises, and many other items. However, this joy will get doubled if you are allowed to shop on a platform that sells lifestyle products and accepts cryptocurrencies for the purchase made. Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to go to a third-party website to complete your purchase with cryptocurrencies. You just pay on the same website with cryptocurrencies and complete your purchase.

What is “Peaceful Warrior”?

1) Peaceful Warrior is a crypto friendly e-commerce platform.

2) It specializes in selling lifestyle products. Right fromjewelry to luxury watches, it has all. It also has a beautiful collection of necklaces, that might attract the ladies. There are special crypto merchandises, which one can buy from this site. These merchandises are available only on this particular platform.

3) It allows consumers to make a purchase on the website with the help of digital currencies.

4) Its motto is to promote the usage of cryptocurrencies for exchanges that can be used in real life as well.

5) Peaceful warrior integrates with Coinbase Commerce at the backend, which facilitates the payment through cryptocurrencies.

6) This platform accepts all the popular cryptocurrencies. However, if you are short on your cryptocurrencies, then you can also use PayPal for payment.

Peaceful Warrior was established by three businesswomen, who wanted to develop a platform that will serve two distinct purposes. First, a platform where consumers can buy exclusive lifestyle items. Second, a platform where cryptocurrency will be the primary mode of exchange or trade.

Innovative Approaches from the new age Crypto Exchanges

June 28, 2019
The cryptocurrency market has become crowded with crypto exchanges. However, it has definitely not resulted in an increase in the quality of services, which they provide to the customers. Mushrooming crypto exchanges have resulted in cut-throat competition amongst the exchanges. As a result, none of the exchanges have been able to make it big. However, cryptocurrency exchanges have started implementing some innovative approaches in order to establish themselves in the market, and enhance their market share. Let’s have a quick look at some of the recent innovative approaches.

1) It has been seen that the cryptocurrency exchanges have started listing the native currencies of the rival exchanges. Now, that is a bit surprising, as that has never happened previously. But it is clear that exchanges want to develop a bigger market share, by listing the rival currencies as well. For example, we saw Kucoin has listed BNB, which will definitely shift some of the BNB traders to Kucoin.

2) Cryptocurrency exchanges have started distinguishing themselves based on the services they offer to their customers. As a result, they have introduced innovative features with refined services, which will help them to create their mark in the market.

3) Renowned Crypto exchange Coinsbit has started offering lending services to its customers, with or without a valid credit score. In the future, Coinsbit will also offer deposit schemes based on cryptocurrencies at predefined interest rates, just like the conventional banks offer.

4) Digitex has redefined is taken model, which will enable the zero fee system for its customers. This could be a gamechanger, as customers will be definitely attracted towards this platform in the absence of transaction fees.

Japan Sees 70 percent surge in crypto inquiries

June 28, 2019
The cryptocurrency market is gradually expanding in Japan, and this is quite evident from the sudden surge in crypto market inquiries.

What do we know till now about Japanese consumers increased interest in Cryptocurrency?

1) Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) has reported a significant increase in inquiries towards cryptocurrencies in 2019.

2) The same report states that there was a surge of 70 percent in consumer queries on cryptocurrencies, in 2018.

3) The increased interest in Japan has stemmed from the legalization of BTC as a method of payment, by Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA).

4) The consumers in Japan are not merely involved in querying about cryptocurrencies but they have registered 3,657 complaints on crypto exchanges. This actually shows how deeply the consumers in Japan are associated with cryptocurrency trading.

5) While the Japanese cryptocurrency market is booming, many consumers also queried about the credibility of the cryptocurrency market. This definitely proves that it is not a matured or a fully developed market yet, in spite of this increased interest.

6) Another startling fact has been disclosed Cermak, which has mentioned that Japan has got the second highest traffic after the US, on the crypto trading platforms. It accounts for around 10 percent of the overall traffic.

7) The new Japanese bill on the cryptocurrency allows the transfer of crypto assets, and also links the trading of cryptocurrencies with income tax.

8) The Japanese currency has Yen been increasingly used for trading of cryptocurrencies by Japanese consumers. This has also strengthened the position of Yen.

How to shop online with your crypto coins?

June 28, 2019
You might have done online shopping with your credit or debit cards, or even with your digital wallet. But, do you know now you can shop online with the cryptocurrencies as well. Indeed, it’s great news for online shoppers who actually have cryptocurrencies. But wait, if you are thinking you can transact directly with crypto coins on popular ecommerce stores, then you are wrong. You can’t use directly, but you can shop online with your crypto currencies. We will tell you how.

Alagoria: The first option will be to use the platform Alagoria. It supports Walmart and Home Depot. You have to visit the website of Walmart and Home Depot. Browse the product, and copy the product link page from the address bar. Now go to, and paste the copied product link address. Once you are on to the product page and complete your purchase with the crypto coins. You will have the option of paying with BTC, ZEC, LTC, and BCH.

Bitcoin Superstore: Now Alagoria delivers only in the US, if you want delivery outside the US, then Bitcoin Superstore is for you. This platform support Amazon, Walmart, and many other stores, including travel websites like Expedia. In Bitcoin Superstore you can purchase directly without even creating an account. It supports 13 cryptocurrencies, that includes the popular ones like Dash, BTC, and XRP.

Olodolo: If you are an Ali Express fan, then you can use the platform Olodolo, to shop from Ali Express with Crypto Currencies. You can purchase directly without even without creating an account. Olodolo supports BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC.

Ripple’s humble turnaround on Bitcoin

June 27, 2019
The experts of crypto trading will definitely agree that Bitcoin and Ripple have been arch rivals for quite some time. Often, we have seen, how both of them will accuse each other in order to gain an upper hand in the cryptocurrency market. Sometimes it might be the outdated technology or sometimes it is regarding centralized control. Yes, we have seen it all. However, in a recent interview with CEO Ripple, it has been mentioned that Ripple is not a rival of Bitcoin.

Ripple's CEO Garlinghouse has argued that both are a different type of currencies.He argues that Bitcoin is digital gold, while XRP is a bridge currency since it is more used for RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement). It cannot be denied the operative mode or the functionality of both the currencies are different. XRP is more used for fiat to fiat transfers, facilitating cross border transfers or settlements. A key differentiator, in this case, is transaction costs, which is definitely lower in Ripples than BTC. Even transaction confirmation is much faster than Bitcoin, where a transaction is confirmed in a few seconds. Moreover, many banking systems have adopted Ripple as part of their digital payment solutions.

Hence, it could be said that both the cryptocurrencies cater to a different set of use cases. There is no doubt that there is a definite difference in the operative mode of both of these currencies. However, industry experts definitely agree that there is a functional difference between both the cryptocurrencies, but the recent humble turnaround of Ripple is largely attributed to the massive increase in Bitcoin’s value.

Coinbase has a huge assets base of about $2 billion

June 26, 2019
This is something very evident and the company has come up with a series of tweets which has told people that Sam McIngvale and few other seniors’ official did visit UK for discussing the crypto economy and the prospects with he clients. During this meet the firms representatives have discussed that crypto space still needs development.

  1. Coinbase is at $1 billion now
  2. Coinbase is expected to grow to $2 billion soon.
  3. Supporting 90 clients in various countries
They mentioned that coinbase is growing, $2 billion is big amount. Coinbase 40% clients are not in US and there is a chance to grow here.

Even Ripples investment in money gram

Even Ripples investment in money gram is considered a positive step by them and is expected to help the crypto world grow much more.

Also it is a know fact the places like London are becoming centre for crypto innovation. The CEO of coin base had already informed that $1 billion assets were under their management. This is expected to surge soon and reach a very high level and it is a steady investment.

Cointelegraph came up with a new item that is considering framing of some rules of digital currency and also will help in asset trading and doing all kind of settlements. Crypto currency usage is growing and hence the investment in various cryptos is on surge and people really think that in long run this is going to give them good growth.
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