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Bitcoin could hit a huge $100,000 in Next Bull Run

June 29, 2019
Naeem Aslam the chief market analyst of ThinkMarkets has got a prediction to make, he says bitcoin has a bright future and can reach anything between $60,000 and $100,000 when the next bull runs start for it, this is as per an interview was given to Fox Business on June 24th.

• BTC expected to Reach $50,000
• BTC may end on $21,000 in Years 2019

Only time will tell whether this happens or not. If one remembers Aslam has also predicted a few weeks back that bitcoin will reach $10,000 and this happened on June 22 that was a record high which was not seen in the complete last year.

Aslam further adds that one needs to look at some very important price points of $20,000 to $50,000 and that will decide the motion. He says that once $20,000 is reached then there is no stopping back. The price can reach $50,000 and then maybe jump to $100,000.

He said BTC is nothing but digital gold. Also, there is a huge spike in the prices due to the U.S.–China trade war and not conclusive results are seen on the same and there is a lack of confidence in the market.

He also says the Middle East war could be another worry for people and are looking to diversify. BTC is a very good option for storing wealth. Cointelegraph earlier reported that in 2019 bitcoin will close at about 21,000. This is based on BTC price on 200 Day moving average.

Now learn about Blockchain from China’s largest online learning platform

June 29, 2019
Blockchain is all around, with the massive growth in the crypto market. Everyone wants to be an expert in Blockchain Technology. However, the application of Blockchain technology is not limited to the crypto market but can be extended to many real-life applications.

Now, the good news is you can learn about Blockchain technology from, which is the largest online learning platform in China.

Why is best for online learning?

1) It has more than 600,000 active members, making it one of the largest online community in the world.

2) It has got a large repository of courses for Android developers.

3) Currently, more than 2500 courses are listed on the platform that is available to learners.

The world of crypto undoubtedly provides a newer set of opportunities as well as experience. However, settling within it might not be an easy task, especially if one doesn’t have a proper knowledge or proper experience in this field. For example, a novice user might not know which wallet is good for his, and how to make safer payments through the wallets. In a worst-case scenario, the might lose funds as well owing to their lack of knowledge and experience in this field.

Lightning Lab has already developed a series of modules on blockchain technology, that will be led to the development of HPB (High-Performance Blockchain). All the courses are available to learners on One can simply search for the course series title as “Blockchain Wallet iOS & Android in Practice”, to access the courses on Blockchain.

Undervalued Ripple to attract the traders, in spite of the introduction of Libra

June 29, 2019
Recently, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, shared his valuable inputs on the cryptocurrency market, along with his thought on the future of Ripple in the Cryptocurrency market. Brad reiterated to the crypto community, that he has always been a staunch supporter of Bitcoin from the beginning. He really liked the way, how Bitcoin allowed others to improvise its source code, in order to develop a more feature rich platform. This included the development of peer to peer payment without any intermediaries. Ripple can also take a cue from this, and innovate itself to make its platform more feature rich.

Why does Brad think Ripple could be the next biggest thing?

1) It caters to a specific segment (Peer to Peer payment systems that are used by financial institutes worldwide).

2) It is energy efficient.

3) It relies on a common shared ledger.

Hence, these are some of the features which have helped Ripple to sustain in the crypto market.

Ripple already developed a market for itself with the help of xCurrent, which helps banks as well as other financial institutions to settle cross border payments. On similar lines, it has introduced xRapid, which helps the payment provider to minimize the liquidity costs. Even though xRapid is not as popular as xCurrent, it is gradually picking up. Brad maintains that once the regulatory, as well as middleware issues, are resolved, XRP is going to pickup at a faster pace in the market. Moreover, once banks upgrade to xCurrent version 4, by default xRapid will be incorporated into it.

Ripple’s XRP has managed to remain steady, even after the announcement of Facebook’s Libra. In a longer run, Ripple aims to replace SWIFT which is the current fund transfer platform. While Ripple currently trading at 44 cents remains undervalued and has got a target of 80 cents.

Bitcoin is all set to breach the 11K mark, $100K is definitely in sight

June 29, 2019
The crypto market was buzzing about a possibility, and finally, that happened. Bitcoin breaches the 10,000 mark and made its way to 10,900. Indeed, it’s a milestone which crypto traders were betting about.

So far what we know about this development:

1) Bitcoin has breached the 10K mark last Saturday.

2) It has not shown any sign of slowing down and has successfully reached 10,900.

3) With this high-profile surge, the market capitalization stands at $23 billion.

However, even though this surge is good news for the crypto market, industry experts mention that the price is way out of the upper Bollinger Band. Hence, traders should be extremely while they invest at this level. A correction is definitely expected due to profit booking before it finally breaches the 11K mark. In this year there have been consolidations, but we have not seen any corrections. So, one should not be surprised if the correction happens.

Another expert strongly suggested that as the Bitcoin has entered its fourth parabolic phase, $100,000 target is definitely in sight and a probability. With the high volume of BTC, Bitcoins dominate 50 percent of the overall crypto market. BTC is not the only cryptocurrency that is gaining, Ethereum and Binance Coin have also made significant gains. In fact, ETH has breached the $300 mark.

Hence, it could be said that the current phase is one of the brightest phases in the cryptocurrency market, and with this phase, the market is all set to grow.

Turkey & Latin American leads the way amongst the cryptocurrency users

June 28, 2019
The cryptocurrency market is expanding across the globe at a rapid pace, and so are the cryptocurrency users or traders. The best part is, recent trends show that cryptocurrency users have increased in those countries, where one least expects to. A recent study conducted by Statista Global Consumer Survey deplores the consumer's perception of different aspects, and cryptocurrency is one of them. In fact, one question in the questionnaire was related tocryptocurrency.

The outcome of the survey from Statista is quite startling. As per the survey results, the users belonging to the minority groups of the Latin American Region are the highest users or owners of cryptocurrencies.

Let’s have a quick look at the key findings of the survey:

1) Five countries out of the top ten Latin countries who are the highest users of cryptocurrencies are located on the southern border of the United States.

2) A startling 18 percent of users from Columbia and Brazil agreed that they own digital assets.

3) 16 percent of respondents from Argentina accepted that they have invested in digital assets, while the same figure stood at 11 percent for Chile.

Most of these countries are affected by hyperinflation, which has forced the merchants to accept digital currencies for trading. This justifies why Latin American users are gaining on the cryptocurrencies.

If you consider a single country and not a region, then Turkey leads all the way followed by Brazil. Turkey has amongst 20 percent of respondents who have digital assets, which is highest amongst other nations.

Turkey, as well as the Latin American regions, are heavily hit with inflation, which has forced merchants to trade with cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies.

Is Facebook’s Libra a threat potential threat to Bitcoin

June 28, 2019
Facebook has jumped to the bandwagon of cryptocurrencies, by announcing its owns digital currency Libra. But, the big question is, Is Libra a threat to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? This is the question which the cryptocurrency market is asking, and we try to find probable answers to this question. Libra can’t be a threat to traditional cryptocurrencies, for two simple reasons:

➢ Libra is not decentralized.
➢ Libra is not permissionless.

It is not that Facebook is not aware of these two reasons. It is definitely aware, and as a result, it has already taken the initiative. As part of this initiative:

➢ Facebook has engaged multiple organizations which will govern as well act as validators once the currency is launched. However, instead of decentralization, it will actually make Libra as a centralized virtual currency, as everything will be decided by the consortium which Facebook will form for governing Libra.

➢ Regarding being permissionless, Facebook has mentioned that this is something which they are looking to address during the transition phase, which might be in the next five years.

Even though Facebook has come up with the clarifications, but it generally fails to address the mentioned issues. However, Facebook clarifies that Libra is meant for those customers who don’t have access to traditional financial services, but at the same time, they have never used the cryptocurrency services.

It is very clear that Facebook is aiming to a market that is devoid of cryptocurrencies. As a result, it is not a threat to the conventional cryptocurrencies but to the fiat currencies.

Crypto Trading Strategy Marketplace: A brand new initiative by an Indian startup

June 28, 2019
Trading of cryptocurrencies could be extremely rewarding but at the same time, it is prone to numerous risks. However, as a trader, you can always beat these risks if you have a perfect strategy. Now, Mudrex an Indian startup company has launched a market place that is exclusively meant for the trading strategies. A trader can build algorithmic trading strategies, even without writing a single line of code.

How can you access Mudrex?

➔ Through Mudrex website (
➔ Through Product Hunt (

Why you should you use the trading strategy marketplace from Mudrex?

➔ To successfully deal with market volatilities.
➔ To maximize the trading profits.
➔ To invest in crypto market algorithmically.
➔ To avail a large collection of strategies that will optimize your cryptocurrency trading business.

Is Mudrex available with all the exchanges?

No, it is not. At present it is associated with only these two exchanges.
➔ Bitmex
➔ Binance

However, a company in its official release has mentioned that it is looking to tie up with multiple exchanges in the future, given access to a wider market.

In case you are an expert and want to create your own strategies, then you can definitely do the same with the help of drag and drop tool from Mudra. In this way, strategies can be created as well as iterated. Traders can also submit their created strategies to the marketplace, which can be used by other users on the basis of a subscription fee.

How the strategies are created?

The strategies are created on the basis of key parameters, that includes:

➔ Past performance
➔ Cryptocurrencies invested
➔ Time Frames or Periods
In short, if you are looking to make something big in the Cryptocurrency market, the Crypto
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