Want to know about the history of bitcoin logos?

June 05, 2019
Well, bitcoin is the new craze and lots of people are investing and paying with it from all over the world. There is a logo which is also associated with it, this has become very famous and people love it. This does not belong to anyone; this is something that belongs to the crypto world. This is becoming popular by being part of designs on t-shirts, laptop, stick and much more. The bitcoins unofficial logo is becoming very popular and people love it.

  • This is becoming a craze all over the world.
  • The logo is very attractive.
  • Acts as a symbol for making payments.
This logo could be used next to master and visa card logo also signifying acceptance of bitcoin. But the new logo is not the same as the older one and there are some basic changes. The logo has a long story associated with it.

In the initial phase, this was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. This was based on similarity of a gold coin. Bitcoin enthusiasts love it and want to see this everywhere.

Some people have got an opinion that we do not need to have a logo for bitcoin. The spirit of bitcoin is being free of any standard. The new logo was well received by the users of Bitcoin Talk. They liked it and it was something really good. But some of them also did not like it and were very critical about it.

Ron Paul: The U.S. Dollar Is In a Bubble, Bitcoin as an Alternative

June 05, 2019
The former US presidential candidate was regularly oppose of Federal Reserve and has got a strong statement to make about the countries economic policy. In the past, there are lots of politicians who have spoken in favor of cryptocurrencies. Some people are also suggesting keeping crypto currencies out of taxation. Do not know how this will shape up, but when it does, things will be very different in the digital payment world.

  • Make bitcoin tax free.
  • Make Bitcoin an alternative to Dollars
  • Make bitcoin very popular.
When Paul was asked in an interview, about the US dollar and how bitcoin could help in such a situation, he was very positive about bitcoin and spoke about it as a sure alternative to the dollar.

Ron Paul has got an opinion, that due to some right beliefs, cryptocurrencies are becoming a major force. If we talk about the Libertarianism, then one needs to have freedom of choice and autonomy. Bitcoin will help in achieving that and will take the world on a different level.

He is not at all positive about Federal Reserve and the rate at which the country is digging into a serious mess. Paul also clarified, that no bitcoin is currently held by him. He converts all the bitcoins he gets into fiat currencies. There are many people who are in support of bitcoin of late. There are lots of people who like bitcoin.

Bitcoin Exchange Fighting VC Behemoth - Want to know more about this?

June 04, 2019
Changpeng Zhao has got new a serious claim filed against China for stopping funds raising from Binance. This has become a very big crypto exchange in the world. This is a very serious issue and lots of people are very worried about this.

There are many start-ups from the crypto world who were under serious threat and this was a very bad example set, they were worried. This had to be given a befitting reply and that was something very important. Bitcoinis the future of the financial world and lots of people are expected to make use of it.

This was due to venture capital firm accusing him of breaching exclusivity and that is why this issue is going on. Changpeng Zhao received an order in 2107 for arbitration in the year 2018.

Changpeng Zhao got the verdict in his favour and judge also order payment of 25 percent of legal costs. Also allowing him to see revision in compensation if he desired and this was a big victory for Changpeng Zhao. Binance CEO also told this caused him the loss of reputation and not good at all. There are lots of people bullying start-ups which are not a good sign for the industry. This could be a serious issue for blockchain start-ups funding and should be fought for. This was a very good thing that happened and helped the young people is fearlessly going ahead with their goals.

Simple and hard to replicate, says CEO of Coinshare Praises Bitcoin.

June 04, 2019
Meltem Demirors who is the CEO of Coinshare says numerous protocols have come up in the crypto world. There are some problems in the earlier days but things are changing drastically and Bitcoin is becoming safer than ever. Let us look any bitcoin is becoming so popular?

  • Bitcoin is very safe to make use of.
  • Bitcoin has got lots of different protocols for safety and security
  • Bitcoin has become very fast.
  • Bitcoin is adding new features with every given day.
$30 billion has been spent on setting up of protocols and these protocols have solved many problems like bitcoin was slow and expensive. Lots of efforts have gone in setting up these protocols and that has helped a great deal.

During the ICO boom in the year 2017, there were issues of lack of funds, but things have been better since then. There are many things that have been developed and things have improved a great deal for bitcoin.

A lot of these protocols have helped a lot to improving bitcoin, some people were thinking that they would kill bitcoin, but nothing like that has happened at all. One has to keep in mind, that bitcoin cannot be replicated and is very elegant. Bitcoin is very private and secure for one and all. Regularly new features are getting added to bitcoin and it has been progressing rapidly. Some important things like Lightning network and Schnorr signatures are big steps ahead.

Game-changing foreign aid with bitcoin, is it real?

June 04, 2019
The world is changing rapidly and the transfer of funds for humanitarian help is thought about with bitcoin. This could be one government to another’s or individual sending quick help, this could be for one and all.

You can make the process much easier with the help of the crypto world. This is one of the simplest ways of doing things. Doing this one can overcome middlemen and save one some serious fees. This is always a good and positive step.

Why make use of bitcoin?

  • Avoid corruption of funds.
  • Quick transfer to one's personal account
  • Saving of fees which are a very big advantage.
This will also help reducing corruption which is a big plus. So this technology which works very well. This can be very well used when a country people are getting claims from the UN and that can also help avoid complete corruption. Direct cash transfer to ones account, can work tremendously well and give super quick transfer and that is the best part about it. A large number of people are waiting for this amazing system to come into practise and that will allow them to save on some serious money. This is a great system and will be surely the future of transfer of funds and will do very well. 

This is a system which can help a lot of countries who get aid and in time of crisis, this could work wonderfully well and fast.

Bitcoin Pizza day - History made a few years back.

June 03, 2019
It has been almost 9 years since BTC come in use. It is a long time and growth is enormous. A Florida based crypto supporter spent about 10,000 BTC for buying a pizza. BTC has become an asset for many and people are making a good amount of money. At the present time, cryptocurrencies are one of the best ways to invest money.

  • BTC is accepted for professional transactions.
  • BTC value has gone up a great deal in the last 9 years.
  • BTC is known recognized as a way of investing.
  • BTC could grow much higher in the years to come.
On this ninth anniversary of buying pizza, people are taking this is very positive and this is becoming a monumental event and lots of people remember this well. If you know bitcoin is at the present time still worthless. But in those days it was even more unknown and this was done with the help of a forum BitcoinTalk, which helped Laszlo Hanyecz to buy the pizza. The rest is history and there is no looking back.

On this forum, one guy was found who was ready to deliver 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC. This was a great step in the world of cryptocurrency, people know this very well and it is growing. But if you come to know the current price you will be amazed, 10,000 BTC is around $78 million, can you see what has happened? People holding this patiently would have made a fortune.

Passive Investment The Best Way to Save.

June 03, 2019
Erik Finman is a very young person who is in the '20s and he is a bitcoin maximalist and did put a bet of only $12, which was a few years back.

At the present time, finman has come up with something called CoinBits, which allows one to invest passively in bitcoins and that seems to have been doing well.

This is a great idea and allows people to invest a small amount daily. This can happen with credit or debit card with the help of CoinBits. Coin but is something great and popular.
  • Great App for simple investment.
  • Good user interface.
  • Easily downloadable records.
  • Very good for a small investment.
This is a system which allows Finman’s bitcoin grow and makes him also wealthier. Users can invest starting with few cents till $100 and that is the best part, the user interface is good. This is a great app with no commission and most of the bitcoins are completely stored offline, so complete safety.

Investing in bitcoin is complex, but with this app things are made easier. For examples, if you by something for $1.5 other $0.5 with get invested automatically. Withdrawals are done by the app and one gets records very easily.

This is something that is done with a small investment and helps one overcome the volatility of bitcoin with investments. But this great way to invest in bitcoins.

So what are you waiting for? Just go and do your share of investment in bitcoin and make some money with smart investing.
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